By: Team Red Zone 8 months ago

You can only assume he had a serious mind freeze. We’re talking about William Jackson the Cincinnati Bengals cornerback. On Monday night he made one of the strangest plays (or not as the case may be) we have seen from a pro NFL player in a long time.

He literally stood and watched Pittsburgh Steelers’ running back Le’Veon Bell run down the sideline and run in possibly the easiest touchdown of his life. Jackson could have taken Bell out easily but for some reason didn’t.

Why you may ask? Well, Bell had the answer for the eagerly awaiting press core at the end of the game. For whatever reason, Jackson was certain that Bell had stepped out of bounds as he pounded towards a touchdown. Bell also explained that he resisted hitting Jackson because he didn’t want to pick up a penalty. The replay revealed that the player was wrong, and that Bell had indeed navigated the sideline perfectly and stayed inbounds.

Explaining himself Jackson said: “I thought he was out, and I didn’t want to late-hit him. He’s a veteran guy. He turned it up, caught me slipping and scored a touchdown,” Jackson said. “I was definitely surprised. I just knew he was out of bounds, but obviously, he wasn’t. It is what it is.”

The NFL veteran’s mistake cost the Bengals the game for sure as the team seemed to have the upper hand on a Bengals team known for their ability to grind out wins late in games.

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