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By: Team Red Zone 12 months ago

Mayweather v McGregor is shaping up to be one of the most lucrative fights in boxing history. The fight is due to take place on August 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, and hundreds of thousands of bets have already been placed on the outcome.

Floyd Mayweather is unsurprisingly the current favourite with most bookies giving 1/6 odds on the undefeated world champion, but as Conor McGregor is practically a boxing unknown (and let’s face it – pretty damn good at proving people wrong), fans are slowly starting to doubt Mayweather’s chances.

Since the promotional world tour for the fight started last month, McGregor’s odds have drastically shortened, and are currently at 4/1. The odds on a draw have remained consistent at 50/1. Statistics show that the most popular bet so far is McGregor to win, with McGregor accounting for 62% of total bets.

Why are boxing fans backing McGregor?

Bizarrely, the promotional tour has had a more profound impact on betting that many previously thought, and it seems McGregor’s confidence is becoming infectious.

The Irishman said: “He has little legs, a little core, a little head – I’m going to knock him out inside four rounds, mark my words”.

Would you bet against him?

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