By: Team Red Zone 7 months ago

Now that the trade between Washington and Kansas City is basically agreed that sends Alex Smith from one to the other, the big question now is, what will happen to Washington’s current quarterback Kirk Cousins?

Now that the deal with Smith is in place, this means that Washington haven’t used their franchise tag, or the transition tag on Cousins. This means Cousins will become an unrestricted agent come March 14, and will more than likely sign for another NFL team. The question is, which one?

Here’s a few scenarios.

The Jaguars: The option for the Jags are, pay $19 million to keep Blake Bortles, or, use the same money to land Cousins. You have to think that Cousins would be more than intrigued with the prospect of joining such a powerhouse.

The Giants: A few weeks ago you’d have to say no chance as the Giants have put it out that they are behind Eli 100%. That statement was released before Cousins became available. Mmmm.

The Broncos: They are certainly in need of a star QB. The real question here is. Could Cousins galvanize the team into Super Bowl winning outfit?

The Jets: They are also in need of a real franchise QB and Cousins would fit nicely. The Jets have the cash and the salary cap opening to bring him to New York. This is surely a maybe.

The Bills: Instead of trading up in the draft for an unknown, they could sign Cousins and use the draft to build a solid team around him.

The saints: By all accounts, Drew Brees is going nowhere, but. If he did move on, Cousins would be a fantastic option.

The Vikings: It’s not like the Vikings are hurting in the QB department but, it would be a nice headache to have when you have to choose between Case Keenum, Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgwater.

And one more for you to mull over.

The Browns: A longshot but if the Browns want to come out of the ropes swinging next year, why not pay the money to a veteran who knows the game and could lead this downtrodden organization back to playing real ball.

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