By: Team Red Zone 8 months ago

To say this has been a crazy year for the fans of the NFL is an understatement. As if all of the injuries to some of the game’s biggest players and the downfall of some of the biggest team’s, it’s now time to watch the head coach situation with some of these teams. Ben McAdoo was told ‘bye bye’ by the Giants yesterday, and we are now getting reports that the Broncos are more than losing patience with their man in charge, Vance Joseph.

On Sunday the Broncos fell to 3-9 and lost their eighth game in a row. Word has it that Joseph isn’t the only person at the organization that should be looking over their shoulder, but let’s face it, everyone but John Elway is under scrutiny as of now.

Unlike the McAdoo situation in New York, there’s a certain understanding that Joseph’s situation hasn’t been helped by his quaterbacks and that the teams undoing isn’t completely on his shoulders.

Again, unlike McAdoo the team looks to be seeing the season out with team and coach intact, but it’s expected that changes will be made when the season ends.

In the past the Broncos have shown their not afraid to pull the trigger when they feel time is up but their might be a case to give Joseph another year and another quarterback to right the ship.

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