Mike Vrabel is the new head coach of the Titans

By: Team Red Zone | 2 days ago

It’s now official, the Titans have replaced fired head coach Mike Mularkey and have installed Mike Vrabel to fill the position. Vrabel is ready to get down to work at Tennessee and couldn’t be more excited. He told the press: “I am excited to get to work and that work starts now,” adding: “We want

The Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl

By: Team Red Zone | 2 days ago

Never, ever, count the New England Patriots out. Down to Jacksonville 20-10 early in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s A.F.C. Championship game, Brady and Co had to have a re-think. It really felt like they were struggling to find to find something that worked for most of the game, then, as he’s done so many

The draft could dictate Tyrod Taylor’s future at Buffalo?

By: Team Red Zone | 3 days ago

Even though the Buffalo Bills made it to the playoffs, Bills fans are bracing themselves for the inevitable. It seems more and more likely that quarterback Tyrod Taylor most likely won’t be wearing the teams colours next year and may be moving on to pastures new. It is a long held theory amongst Buffalo’s diehard

If Pat Shurmur gets the Giants job, what about Eli?

By: Team Red Zone | 4 days ago

The deal is all but done, Pat Shurmur and the Giants look set to become an item. Apparently Shurmur has, for a long time, been “infatuated’’ with the thought of having the Giants job and the thought of working with Eli Manning in intriguing. Hey, and when you throw the possibility of the No. 2

Will Brady be 100% on Sunday?

By: Team Red Zone | 4 days ago

With the big game fast approaching the news that Tom Brady has hurt his hand is a shocker, but the biggest shock would be if Brady didn’t play in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday. That being said, the Jacksonville Jaguars must be thinking about the fact that Brady may be limited during the game

So how do you stop Rob Gronkowski?

By: Team Red Zone | 5 days ago

He is one of the most fearsome players in the NFL and each and every team se to face him does the same team meeting beforehand. How do we cover Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski? With Sundays matchup between the the Jaguars and the Patriots drawing ever near, the Jaguars’ head coach Doug Marrone has

Nick Foles laments on almost retiring

By: Team Red Zone | 5 days ago

It’s hard to believe that that only a few years ago Nick Foles was looking at never picking up a football again in his life. Fast forward two years and he’s gearing up for the biggest game of his life. As Foles tells it, “he had no love for the game.” The same game that