By: Team Red Zone 8 months ago

This is the time in an NFL season when both teams and players realize that postseason is not an option and discipline either kicks in or deserts you.

For the New York Jets, their starting linebacker Darron Lee it appears that the later has kicked in and the Jets decided to let him know they were less than happy with the player by leaving him out of the starting lineup for the first time this season for last Sundays matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs.

So why did the Jets leave him out of the lineup. Well, it was confirmed by the player himself that he was omitted for a violation of the teams rules, he was late for practice with the team on Saturday.

Lee wasn’t the only player to come under fire and get benched. Muhammad Wilkerson was told to sit for the first quarter after turning up late to a team meeting.

A big move by head coach Todd Bowles, and when asked if he thought it would have the desired effect Bowles responded: “Time will tell. You earn trust,” adding: “They’ve earned a lot of trust. You make a mistake, and you lose a little trust, and you just have to earn it back. So going forward, we’ll go from there.”

Lee has been pretty solid as of now with regards to team rules, but the same the same can’t be said of Wilkerson. Over the last three seasons he has missed parts of games because of lateness and associated offences.

Bowles also told the press that he still considered Wilkerson a ‘team leader’ and would not “sit here and discuss my players in the media.”

So, with four weeks to go of the regular season, Bowles and the other coaches who are out of playoff contention need to make sure they keep their player focused for the remaining games.

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