By: Team Red Zone 9 months ago

There is a major storm brewing in the MLB. On Wednesday afternoon, during a heated Tigers-Indians game, Quinn Wolcott, who was the home plat umpire for the game, ejected Tigers catcher James McCann and followed that with the ejection of manager Brad Ausmus, who had been arguing of balls and strikes.

As the argument gained momentum, Ausmus suggested to Wolcott that he was caught up in the Indians winning streak and was giving them preferable calls. There’s only one way that kind of rhetoric will end – getting ejected from the game!

With McCann ejected, backup catcher James Hicks entered the game. After a few pitches, a Buck Farmer pitch was missed by Hicks, entirely and it hit Wolcott, visibly shaking him up. Speculation online hit the roof that maybe Hicks let the ball get through in order to intentionally hit Wolcott, Brad Ausmus dismissed that theory as “ridiculous.”

“For my part, it just seemed like a pitch with an unusual amount of action on it, missed by a catcher who was unexpectedly inserted into the game moments before. An accident.”

However, it has been reported that Major League Baseball is investigating the matter, in an effort to determine if it was, in fact, intentional. It seems that Wolcott initiated the investigation because, (as the AP reports), as he was being examined by a trainer, he said “They didn’t do it on purpose, did they?”

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