By: Team Red Zone 8 months ago

The Giants have had one hell of a season and to call it a nightmare would be an understatement. We now know how the benching of Eli Manning and the use of Geno Smith worked out, they lost, so, as the team sits at 2-10 and New York fans grow angrier and angrier, we hear that some of the Giants’ old guard are not going to take Eli’s benching and treatment sitting down.

Now, will Ben McAdoo be coaching the Giants face Dallas next week is anyone’s guess, but what we are hearing, is that an angry group of ex-Giant alumni will be sitting at the sidelines to silently protest the handling of the two-time Super Bowl winning quarter-back. Oh, and just in case you didn’t know they were there for Eli, the said players will be wearing Manning Jerseys.

As to which former players will be turning up and wearing Manning’s jersey, this is as yet unknown, but you can bet there will be fireworks in the Giants front office.

Geno Smith replaced Manning at quarterback on Sunday and he really wasn’t terrible, but we now have a situation where the star quarter-back in Manning, may never play for the team again and let’s face it, there’s a real possibility this was the last game for Ben McAdoo as head coach, and for most Giants fans, they’re hoping this is the case.

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