By: Team Red Zone 7 months ago

He’s been down with an injury to his knee and has been working hard in rehab. So, what does a young quarterback like Vikings’ Teddy Bridgewater do when he’s unable to use his legs to their fullest extent? Well, he develops a stronger arm, a much stronger arm.

The NFL Network has reported that all the reports they are hearing from Minnesota Vikings players and coaches is that Bridgewater’s arm is a cannon .

When the NFL Network asked receiver Adam Thielen whether Bridgewater is throwing the ball the same as he was before his almost career ending  injury, Thielen replied: “I think better, honestly.”

Adding: “Everybody’s been raving about Bridgewater’s arm strength since he was back in the rehab phase before he was even practicing. Thielen said he’s been looking confident, he’s having fun, he seems to have some new perspective…”

We could get to see that arm sooner rather than later as Bridgewater is going to be active Sunday as the Vikings take on the Washington Redskins.

Photos: Getty