By: Team Red Zone 8 months ago

A huge sigh of relief was exhaled in the Golden State Warriors camp this week when the organization received news that Steph Curry’s ankle injury wasn’t as bad as first thought. Curry rolled his ankle during the matchup with the Pelicans Monday night.

Following an MRI it was discovered that Curry had no actual structural damage. Great news, but his ankle was still very swollen and he’s the really bad news, there is no indication as to when he will return to action and that the star maybe out for a considerable while.

Fans literally held their breath following the injury as Curry has long battled with ankle issues. So much so that Curry had to take a smaller contact when he resigned with the team.

Luckily for all concerned, Golden State has a roster that is second to none, Kevin Durant would be enough, and because of this, the team can take the time to give Curry the correct amount of rehab as he works his ankle back to full strength.

What certainly doesn’t hurt, is that the two-time MVP and Warriors have a comfortable run in over the holidays, having only five games to play during the next few weeks.

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