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By: Team Red Zone 1 year ago

With the British Racing Driver’s Club ending their Silverstone contract with Formula 1 owners Liberty Media, the British GP may be forced to relocate in 2019. Silverstone is undoubtedly an iconic race track, but is it arrogant for the BRDC to suggest that it is the ‘only’ viable option for F1 in the UK?

You have to sympathise with the BDRC’s decision, factoring in the extreme rise in costs over the last 8-years at Silverstone. The race track owners are confident that they will be able to strike a new deal with Liberty Media, but surely the American company will consider other options.

A number of F1 teams are parading their cars today in central London, and Red Bull boss Christian Horner thinks the capital could be prime location for the British GP. Speaking to Reuters, Horner explained: “Silverstone is a wonderful track. The teams and the drivers love driving there and Liberty has made a commitment that there will be a British Grand Prix,”

“But with this London event happening, if that was a success – which hopefully it should be – one can imagine a London Grand Prix being pretty attractive to the Liberty guys.

“It would not be difficult to imagine Liberty thinking ‘why don’t we do a street race in the capital?'”

Photo: Getty