By: Team Red Zone 6 months ago

There is usually method behind the madness, and the Chicago Bears’ hiring of a first-time head coach Matt Nagy is very calculated. The reason why? His background is steeped on the defensive side, and will undoubtedly help after the Bears drafted a quarterback last year.

In essence, the Bears are copying the formula that the Rams used in hiring their own first –time coach in Sean McVay last season. And in the same way as the Rams did last year, the Bears look to be holding on to their veteran defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, who will certainly add an air of stability to the team’s initial set up with McVay.

It certainly worked for the Rams and that was obviously in the minds of the Bears when they made their move to hire Nagy. It’s all about results of course but the Bears would be over the moon with the same jump in their standings in the NFL that the Rams saw in 2017.

Nagy and the Bears are quick to point out though that he’s not just at Chicago for quarterback Mitch Trubisky.

Nagy explained: “It’s certainly a part of it, but that’s not the reason why I’m here,” adding: “I’m here because of the organization and the direction. I could feel that from the moment I was in that interview process. That’s a benefit to have Mitch Trubisky. I knew a lot about him because I had him in the Combine and we spent some time with him. But this is a team game. Everyone on this team is just as important as the quarterback. But that was certainly a part of it.”

Ultimately, Chicago Bears General Manager Ryan Pace chose Nagy for a reason, and you have to believe that, yes, everyone on the team is important, but for Nagy to have a successful time at the Bears, his relationship with Trubisky and ultimately, his growth is of paramount importance.

Chicago ended the season 5-11. Not the end of the world but in Mitch Trubisky they have a quarterback that could really go from strength to strength given the right leadership. Let’s hope for him and the Bears that Matt Nagy is the man for the job.

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