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By: Team Red Zone 8 months ago

It was a trade that no one saw coming. In the middle of what can only be described as shocking season, the San Francisco 49ers pulled off possibly the best trade of the year. Whatever San Fran’s head coach Kyle Shanahan said to Jimmy Garoppolo worked and this team now has its quarter-back and can look to the future.

Only last week you could buy a ticket for a game at Levi’s Stadium for $17, and believe it or not, as low as $6 just prior to kickoff. All that is about to change though and December could be a month to remember not just because of the holidays but because of Garoppolo.

Coach Shanahan has named Garoppolo as the starting QB for today’s game in Chicago.

Ever since the deal was struck to land Garoppolo, fans and press alike have been asking the same question, when will he start?

Fifth-round pick C.J. Beathard kept his QB spot in the team when Garoppolo signed up, and fans didn’t get it. The reason? Garoppolo needed to learn San Fran’s system and work on improving it. Throwing him into a play system that was already broken was suicide.

Well, it’s time, and the 49ers gave fans a taste of what’s to come last Sunday. Ok so San Fran were already beat, and it was running down the clock time, but Garoppolo came into the game and threw a touchdown, a statement of intent for sure.

Now they get to see their new starting QB for the next five games. Yes, it might get ugly out there as the team is essentially the same, but this is the beginning of a new era in San Francisco. The 49ers need to go and get him signed to a long term deal and build a team around this guy, it’s that simple.

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