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By: Team Red Zone 10 months ago

The game yesterday in London didn’t do the NFL any favors when it comes to showcasing the sport for its U.K. fan base.

An ugly game saw the Saints beat the Dolphins 20-0 in an unattractive, penalty-filled game that featured referee Ed Hochuli more prominently than the players on either team. Ugly to watch, the game was a mess for both teams.

A dreadful start to the season so far for the Dolphins, doesn’t look like getting better any time soon. Firstly, they were forced out of Miami by Hurricane Irma, then had to travel to Los Angeles, then to New York and this last week on to London. Lets face it, that kind of travel has to wear a team down at some point.

Putting travel aside, there are other issues far more pressing. Lets start with the quarterback, Jay Cutler. He was signed in a desperate attempt to keep the season alive after the loss of first choice QB Ryan Tannehill, and frankly he played his second useless game. Is Cutler is really any better than backup Matt Moore? If not, the Dolphins have made a huge mistake in signing him.

For the Saints, there has been a big turnaround and their defense is now stepping  up and have played well two weeks in a row after looking like a train wreck in the first two games of the season. If the Saints’ defense can hold on to this recent form, their offense should be enough to win a lot of games, and hey, the playoffs isn’t just a dream at that point. At 2-2, the Saints have a real shot.

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