By: Team Red Zone 6 months ago

When it comes to the New Orleans Saints they are are usually within touching distance when it comes to reaching the playoffs, and the general perception is that they’re a team that does enough at home to offset they’re average away form. Well guess what, in reality the stats tell a different story.

Since coach Sean Payton has been at the helm for the Saints, his team are at 46-43 during the regular season when it comes to playing on the road, and it would be 47 if you were to count their victory as the visiting team in London against the Miami Dolphins.

The Saints don’t have great numbers when it comes to wins on the road during the postseason. They got their first only four years ago against the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia. But today, they get the chance to get their second playoff win in franchise history.

In Minnesota today they face the Vikings in their dome home, daunting yes, but you can’t count the Saints out. And if they do win today, we now know that they face the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia. The Eagles dispatched of the falcons 10-15 in a pretty close game. So playing against the Eagles would be an uphill battle, but unwinnable? No.

Today’s game won’t be easy that’s for sure, and yes the Saints have little experience at this whole post season thing but, in Drew Brees they have a 17 year NFL veteran who, at the drop of a hat can change a game. It’s going to be loud, really loud at U.S. Bank Stadium, and it will be packed to capacity with 70,000 strong making so much noise the Saints will be hard pressed to hear each other when on the offence, but count on Brees to get over that and make the plays when needed.

The Saints have to smother Minnesota’s excellent defence today in order to go forward this post season, but with Brees and Co on a roll, this year could be the year they finally get a real run, and strut their stuff at the Super Bowl.

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