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By: Team Red Zone 3 weeks ago

Former Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney is hoping to add further titles to his glittering professional career with new club DC United. The 32-year-old, who joined DC United from Everton earlier this week, is looking to make a huge impact on the MLS franchise, claiming that is time for the club to “create more history”.

For many former European players, the MLS is viewed as something of a retirement home. A chance to move the family to America, make some easy cash, and play the occasional weekend match. Wayne Rooney however, is not your average player. Over the course of his immensely successful career, Rooney has always maintained a do or die attitude towards football, and ever since losing his position as a regular starter at Man United, there has been an inherent restlessness to Rooney’s overall demeanour.

Rooney’s final Premier League season with Everton came with the promise of one last trophy, but with the Toffees experiencing difficulties from the get go, it seemed that Rooney’s career was destined to end in disappointment.

In joining DC United – a club that have struggled to pull their weight in the MLS over the last few seasons, Rooney has given himself one final major challenge, and the 32-year-old believes that United can re-establish themselves within the league under his guidance.

“I think the club has got great history, and it’s been tough over the last few years,” said Rooney. “And the club needs to look back at the history it’s got and it needs to try and create more history.”

DC United have won four MLS Cups since their foundation in 1996, last winning the title in 2004. The franchise finished bottom of the Eastern Conference last season, and general manager Dave Kasper is hoping that Rooney will take up a leadership role within the team, and become a driving force on the pitch.

“I have to adapt to whatever, however the club is ran,” Rooney added. “I’m not going to come in and say I want this change and I want that change. I’ll adapt to the way the club is ran and embrace it, and I look forward to doing that.”

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