By: Team Red Zone 12 months ago

The ex Yankee slugger and now $21 million “advisor” and mentor to the Bronx Bombers, Alex Rodriguez, has told Yankee fans to hold off worrying about newcomer Aaron Judge, who has slumped big time at the plate since destroying the Home Run Derby on July 10th.

A-Rod, who was at Citi Field, as an analyst for Saturday’s FOX broadcast of the the Mets and Dodgers game said.”I think it’s par for the course. It’s impossible to keep that trajectory up for seven months,” Adding, “The league has adjusted to (Judge) a little bit. He has to gather himself and he’ll come back and have a very solid August and September. It will take time. It’s more what the league is doing to him. I think he’s recognizing what’s happened. He’s a very smart guy, great work ethic, and then he’ll adjust to the league. If he went off and continued that trajectory, I would have said there’s something wrong with that.”

And if anyone knows about slumps and inflated home run numbers it would be A-Rod.

Judge was a monster before the All-Star break, hitting a total of 30 home runs, but since his return, the youngster has only managed a meager four home runs. Debunking conspiracy theorists that blame his Home Run Derby heroics for spoiling Judge’s swing or mechanics, A-Rod posed the theory that the All-Star break gave opposing coaches the opportunity for to sit down and analyze Judge 24/7.

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