By: Team Red Zone 8 months ago

He looks like a big puppy dog and his reputation as the spring break party guy precedes him, yes, we’re talking about New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Known more for his Animal House type antics than his aggression, the NFL have watched Gronk on tape this week and judged on the type of action taken after the Patriots star lashed out during the game against the Bills in week 12.

Last Sundays win over Buffalo was already a given when Tre’Davious White, defensive back for the Bills made an interception. Obviously upset and frustrated Gronkowski saw red and smashed down on to White, landing his forearm into White’s helmet.

At that moment, White had his head turned away and had no idea what was coming, it was obvious straight away the he was shaken up and even concussed.

The league slapped Gronkowski with a one game ban, which of course he is now going to contest. But, when you add up the fact that White was injured, in no way instigated or provoked the situation, and that Gronk made a deliberate attempt to hurt the player, he’s more than lucky the end result was just a one game suspension.

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