By: Team Red Zone 7 months ago

It’s always hard for any NFL player to say enough is enough, the glory days are starting to fade and after some games the body feels like it’s about to fall apart.

Before the 2017 season started Reggie Bush made a statement of intent saying he wanted just one more shot in the league and that he thought he still had “a lot left to give” on the field and the team.

Well, Friday Bush, originally the New Orleans Saints first round draft pick, finally conceded that will all the good will in the world, him carrying on playing in the NFL was over.

It had to have been an extremely hard decision for the player, and when he spoke to the press this week he explained that his career had indeed, come to an end despite the fact that he felt that he could “still play right now at a high level.”

Bush went on to explain: “I’m done,” adding: “Yeah, I’m done. I said it. It’s not breaking news. I’ve been saying it. I said it all season long, I said, ‘Listen, if I don’t play this year, I’m going to retire.’ Because I’m not going to spend a whole year off, come back, 33 years old, trying to get back in the league. Listen, once you get to a certain age as a running back, they just start to slowly weed you out.”

Bush has had his share of injuries over the years so him announcing his retirement from the league is not exactly ‘hot of the press’ breaking news.

In fact, Bush has been missing in action for a while now and hasn’t even played a down in a competitive game since last season. During this last hurrah, he finished out with pretty poor numbers, minus three rushing yards on twelve carries while playing for the Buffalo Bills.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow for the former USC great. The glory days are behind him and has had to face the reality that he hasn’t been effective in the game since his last full season where he played for the Detroit Lions in 2003 where he rushed for a 1,000 yards plus.

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