By: Team Red Zone 9 months ago

You only have to see the news reports to see the devastation of the West-Coast of the USA. So much so that the wildfires ravaging California have led the Raiders having to cut short their practice on Wednesday, because the air quality made it difficult to breathe and quite frankly was dangerous.

It was reported that the Raiders had to cut short practice by about 30 minutes.

Raiders running back Jalen Richard said: “You definitely could smell it.” Adding: “We’ll see. They asked us about how we feel.”

The fires have destroyed farmland and wine crops and many of the local high school and youth sporting events have had to be canceled because of concerns about smoke inhalation. Tom Flannigan, a spokesman for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, said the whole area is affected.

He told reporters: “We’re seeing the worst air quality ever recorded in many parts of the Bay Area,” he said. “The entire Bay Area population is likely being affected by the smoke.”

The destructive fires in the California region have so far burned 170,000 acres and killed 23 people this week.

Photos: Getty