By: Team Red Zone 7 months ago

The New York Knicks have kicked off their season with an impressive 7-5 record, appearing as one of the surprise packages of the Eastern Conference. Jeff Hornacek’s team got off to a similar start last year, before things took a sudden turn for the worse; with the Knicks eventually finishing the season with an underwhelming 31-51 record.

One of the major differences this season has been Kristaps Porzingis’ fine form, but the Latvian has been quick to point out that the team have improved as a whole. Reflecting on last season’s difficulties, Porzingis said: “That whole first part of the season we were playing well above .500 and we played off of our talent, just based on our energy. And we really didn’t have the fundamentals,” Adding: “I felt we really didn’t have the fundamentals as a team.”

It’s obvious that the Knicks have a more balanced roster this time round, and with Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose gone, the team are more willing to defend as a unit.

Porzingis said of the new formula: “This year the difference is we try to play hard defence for 48 minutes, we never give up,” “We’re getting a lot of assists as a team; we’re playing together, we’re sharing the ball. And then everybody is involved and everybody’s dangerous. I think we have a better connection this year as a team.”

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