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By: Team Red Zone 2 weeks ago

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson has signed a new contract extension that will see him remain with the franchise through the 2022 season. Pederson led the Eagles to their first ever Super Bowl championship at the end of their 2017 campaign, equalling a franchise record of 13-3 in the regular season.

When Doug Pederson arrived in Philadelphia in January 2016, owner Jeff Lurie described him as “a strategic thinker, a compelling leader and communicator, and someone who truly knows how to get the best out of his players”. The Eagles finished fourth in the NFC East that season, failing to qualify for the playoffs. It was their worst finish since 2012. During Pederson’s second year in charge however, everything began to fall into place for the Eagles, culminating in a 15-10 victory over the Falcons in the Divisional Playoffs, an emphatic 38-7 NFC Championship win over the Vikings, and a 41-33 victory over the Patriots to clinch the Super Bowl title.

Pederson and executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman have now been rewarded for their efforts with new contract deals, and the pair are now eyeing a positive title defence in 2018.

The upcoming season will mark Pederson’s third year at the helm of the Eagles. Roseman has been involved in the franchise since 2000.

“We are thrilled to solidify continuity in our organisation’s leadership with the extensions of Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman, whose collaborative partnership helped deliver our city its first Super Bowl championship,” said chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie.

“Doug and Howie are committed to the success of our franchise by ensuring that we remain competitive, both in the short and long term.

“That unified vision for the future of our team is what gives us the best chance to win moving forward.”

Lurie added that Pederson and Roseman have the team “terrifically positioned” to achieved success in the upcoming 2018 season, claiming that the pair have a fantastic relationship, and reassuring fans that there is “no chance” of a power struggle in the near future.

“I’ve often said it takes a village to win a championship,” Lurie said. “I want that village to be maintained with its leadership, its continuity, and its innovativeness. That’s kind of where we’re at today.”

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