By: Team Red Zone 10 months ago

Most of the US will be watching the start of NFL games this weekend not for the game, but for the team’s choice of whether to take to the field for the national anthem. Technically, the NFL rulebook says that players have to be on the field during the national anthem, but as of now the league isn’t implementing any sanctions to players who stayed in the locker room last week.

The league has confirmed that none of the players were fined when they stayed in the locker room for the anthem. League rules do not require players to stand, but the rules do say players are to be on the field when the anthem is played. It’s apparently a rule the league isn’t going to enforce.

Last week both the Titans and Seahawks decided to stay in the locker room for the anthem. The Steelers stayed off the field also, but Afghanistan veteran Alejandro Villanueva left the locker room and made the choice to stand to attention for the anthem.

It will interesting to say the least to see what teams decide to make the choice to stay off the field today (Sunday), but the teams that do, have the knowledge that the NFL isn’t going to do anything about it.

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