By: Team Red Zone 6 months ago

Americans are divided when it comes to having a team move and be based in London. And as much as it’s talked about, will it really ever happen?

With time travel still not available, and Concord put out to pasture, the length of journey from the US to the UK is still a major stumbling block, and having a team in the UK sounds like it’s a great scenario to talk about, yet in reality will probably never happen.

Mark Waller who is one the NFL’s executive V.P.’s, said during Thursday’s press announcement for the upcoming schedule of London games in 2018, that there might well be a team that moves to London within the next 10 years.

He said: “You could say it’s been an 11-year tease, but various strands would seem to be coming together.” This was in reference to the NFL’s current labor deal, which is set finish in early 2021, that along with the current Monday night game broadcasting deals that expire in 2021.

The NFL are in the market of selling dreams and this is surely yet another tease for the UK that they could get their own top flight NFL franchise. Let’s face it, every single game is sold out way in advance, so we know the market is in London for sure.

The selling of that dream will certainly continue as it has since the first games were played in London. It was back in 2009 with Roger Goodell told the press that there was “tremendous interest” from the NFL in placing a team in the UK. And in 2011 it was leaked via the press that there was even more talk about an expansion team heading to the UK.

It does feel like the carrot in front of the horse scenario at times, a little nudge just before a visit to the UK by the NFL or events like last Thursdays when the schedule was announced.

Only time will tell, but were betting that just before the season starts in 2018, talk of a team moving to Blighty will come up again.

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