By: Team Red Zone 7 months ago

The unseen and acrimonious departure of Martellus Bennett from Green Bay, and his subsequent return to his old team New England is not raising any red flags about player tampering, according to the league’s top brass .

During an NFL media conference call today, the leagues spokesman Joe Lockhart was asked if there were any tampering issues that surrounding the Patriots’ pick up of Bennett. Lockhart’s answer was a very clear and emphatic, “No.”

Bennett hasn’t held back since his departure from the Packers, he has been very vocal in his criticism of Green Bay. He has accused them of pressuring him to play through a shoulder injury. But, when the Patriots picked him up off waivers from the Packers, that very same week, he was healthy enough to play.

But, in the eyes of the NFL’s governing body, they decided that there wasn’t any cause for concern and that no rules were broken.

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