By: Team Red Zone 6 months ago

Here we are folks, the season is on the line and the Titans come to an New England team who on a bad day look average at worse. As for the Titans chances here well, unless Marcus Mariota reverts to his glory days of collage years and Tom Brady fails to turn up, Tennessee may be in trouble before the first kick of the ball.

Tennessee finished the year with a negative point differential and let’s be honest, if the Chiefs had given them a game and Marcus Mariota hadn’t got the ridiculously lucky bounce that allowed him to walk in a touchdown, the Titans might well have been sitting at home licking their wounds today instead of playing for a shot at the Super Bowl.

Look, the Titans are certainly not a bad team, and they know how to run the ball, but with New England, you have a team and a coach that know how to shut teams down and frustrate the hell out of you.

Tennessee has also looked pretty shaky against the pass, not great when you have a team like the Patriots who know who to switch their offence at any given time, even making it one-dimensional at times and still getting the results. With that in mind the Titans had better be ready to roll up their sleeves, push for as many turnovers as they can and turn this game into a brawl-fest.

It’s a repeat of last year for New England. In the Titans they are facing a team they should put away nice and easy. The Texans came to town last year with little more than a solid defense, and as we know, that doesn’t win games.

The Pats have the options and the abilty to play whatever game they want today. The can play the passing game with Rex Burkhead and counterpart James White or they could go the full on power route and take out the Titans with Rob Gronkowski and Brandin Cooks. Any way you slice it, they look as if they’ve got it covered.

Of course, in sport nothing is a dead cert, but this game the Titans should be a breeze for the Patriots. New England would have to have a serious meltdown in order to lose and we just can’t see that happening.

As we all know, Brady in the post- season is nothing less than great, and has on three defeats to his name the New York Jets, and two at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens.

Only one result here. Patriots to win.

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