By: Team Red Zone 2 weeks ago

An official report from claims administrators has revealed that the NFL have approved more than $500m in concussion claims in just two years. The report, which was released on Monday, shows that the NFL are set to pay out well over their initial estimate, which suggested they would approve slightly over $400m in claims over a 10-year period.

The ongoing concussion dispute between the NFL and it’s former players remains one of the biggest scandals in sports history. According to the amount of registered settlement class members stands at over 20,000, with over 1,900 claims packages received. The most shocking figure however, is the current monetary value of the settlement – which stands at $502,465,000.

The attorneys representing the NFL’s retired players are estimating that the league could be set to pay out a whopping $1.4bn before each of the suits are closed, which is around £500m more than the NFL had originally estimated.

“We encourage all eligible former players to immediately sign up for a baseline assessment, and they can take comfort in knowing that compensation will be available for more than 60 years if they develop a qualifying condition,” said Christopher Seeger, co-lead class counsel for the former NFL players.

“The fact that $500m in claims have been approved in less than two years proves that this settlement is fulfilling its promise to former NFL players and their families.”

The settlement was consolidated in January 2017, to represent thousands of lawsuits accusing the NFL of misinforming it’s players about the potential health risks of repeat concussions. It is designed to cover players that are at risk of developing a number of diseases directly linked to repeat concussions, including dementia, motor neurone disease, and other neurological issues.

Earlier this week, the claims administrator confirmed that more than 7,000 medical appointments had been made to assess neurological damage as a result of NFL participation, and over 6,000 of those appointments had already been attended. Reports have also suggested that some individual players could gain up to $5m in settlement payouts.

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