By: Team Red Zone 10 months ago

The NFL season starts again this week, and with it some of the craziest odds we’ve ever seen.

The lowly New York Jets are a staggering 1,000-1 to win this years Super Bowl in Las Vegas, these preseason odds are longer than any ever seen before, according to certain Vegas oddsmakers.

As last years season began, both the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers started the season with the worst odds, those odds looked dyer but they were mere 200-1, which is a more standard number for the biggest long shots on the board in early September.

“[I’ve] never seen any NFL team this high before any games are played,” said Ed Salmons, a 30-year veteran Las Vegas oddsmaker and assistant manager at the Westgate.

Let’s face it the Jets look terrible. All reports suggest that the team, are in tank mode. The exodus from the team over the past several months has seen them part ways with their biggest established names, leaving them with a roster void of game changing players and major question marks at quarterback. Because of that their odds have lengthened accordingly.

“I think the Jets will probably be the lowest team we’ve ever power-rated,” Salmons said.

This is how the odds stack up. The Jets are 200-1 to win the AFC East and 40-1 to reach the playoffs. Those interested in betting against the Jets to make the playoffs at 1-200 odds will need to put up $20,000 to win $100 at the Westgate. Funnily enough, as of Sunday, there were no takers.

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