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By: Team Red Zone 10 months ago

It’s that time of year and the annual preseason poll of NBA general managers has been announced, and the consensus is that LeBron James is their pick to claim the league’s most valuable player award.

James’ numbers are massive and was the easy winner in the polling, in fact he won the top selection in seven categories.He was picked as the league’s best small forward (61 percent), best leader (43 percent), most versatile (55 percent) best basketball IQ (64 percent), best passer (36 percent) and the player who forces the most coaching adjustments (48 percent.) Phew.

Here’s an inside tip, 93 percent of GMs polled picked the Golden State Warriors to repeat as NBA champions. FYI, that’s the highest consensus for a preseason championship pick in the poll’s history. When it comes to the finals, the GMs again went for the LeBron connection and overwhelmingly picked the Warriors and Cavaliers to meet in the Finals for the fourth straight season.

Here we list the GM’s top five MVP’s, Kevin Durant (29 percent), Kawhi Leonard (11 percent), James Harden (7 percent) and Steph Curry (4 percent).

The GM’s also praised Oklahoma City Thunder for their acquisition of Paul George over the summer, the Thunder were also praised for the best overall moves of the offseason, with the Celtics, Timberwolves, and Rockets behind them in the vote.

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