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By: Team Red Zone 8 months ago

It was a high scoring game between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Washington Wizards. The 76’ers came out on top 118-113 but that’s not the headline from a really entertaining game. The headline here is that between the both teams the made a combined, 101 three throws.

For the 76’ers, Ben Simmons isn’t a point guard known for his shooting and the Wizards we banking on that, forcing him to line as much as they could. In doing so, he finished the game shooting a total of 24 free throws in the fourth quarter which is a new single quarter record in the NBA. Simmons ended up finishing the game with 5-for-29 from the line plus 31 points, four assists and 18 rebounds.

Teammate Joel Embiid also went 13-for-18 and overall Philadelphia went to the line and shot a massive 64 free throws, but only completed 41 attempts.

For the Wizards, they spread the wealth between the team with no player attempting more than 10 free throws but threw 86.5 percent from the line netting 32 of 37 attempts.

Photos: Getty