By: Team Red Zone 6 months ago

Kansas City Chiefs finally broke their four-game losing run when they put away the Raiders last Sunday. This win came without star running back Marcus Peters. For Peters it has been a pretty rough season and it can’t help the players psyche knowing that his team are doing nicely without him.

The trio of Nelson, Mitchell and Revis did the business against the Raiders and help the team create a healthy 26-0 lead in the game and even held fast when the Raiders threatened to make it a game when they scored 15 points in the fourth quarter.

That being said, Peters is now ready to return and the Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid said that Peters will be again, in the thick of it come game time on Sunday against the Chargers.

When asked if Peters would be out or in on Sunday he told the press:

“No. He’s back,” adding: “The  suspension is over  and now he’s back in and ready to roll. That’s the way I’m going to handle it and that’s the way he’ll handle it. For whatever wrong took place, he paid that price and now he’s back and I expect nothing but the best for him.”

It’s still unclear as to why Peters was handed his one game suspension, and word has it that it was down to Peters getting into a heated argument with one of his coaches after the team’s loss week 13. When Reid was asked about the incident he responded positively by saying that the team would “start from scratch.” Right answer.

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