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By: Team Red Zone 7 months ago

The changes at the Florida Marlins are coming thick and fast. The team had easily one of the best outfields in the game and during the last few weeks it has basically been deconstructed culminating Wednesday with the trade of Marcell Ozuna to the Cardinals as long as he passes the organizations physicals.

The trade follows last week’s offloading of Giancarlo Stanton to the New York Yankees. Stanton was originally going to either St. Louis or Miami but the player invoked his no-trade clause and ultimately landed at the Yankees. Even though the two aforementioned teams didn’t get Stanton, what they did get was a sense of what the Marlins would want in a trade and that has obviously helped expedite the Ozuna trade.

So with both Ozuna and Stanton now off to pastures new, Christian Yelich will be the last of the teams outstanding outfield and reports are that the Marlins would shy away from trading the player if the price was right. Cash is king right?

Florida Marlins head coach and ex Yankee slugger Don Mattingly spoke to the press prior to the Ozuna trade and explained that the club had added 19 new players to the roster before the trade deadline in July this year. These players were acquired before Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter took over ownership of the team and with the $400 million debt that they took on, the sale of star players to bring down the debt was pretty much inevitable.

The sale of Stanton, Ozuna and Dee Gorden has really eased the load for the Marlins. They have offloaded $300 million in wage commitments overall and just for 2018 alone the freed up $43 million. The aim for the team is to have a payroll of about $90 million and they are now on course to even lower that.

Ozuna will be a free agent after the conclusion of the 219 season and having just turned 27 is expected to go to market and get the best deal possible as his career starts to wind down. Till then he’s a Cardinal and they have a slugger who just had his best season, won a Gold Glove, hit 37 homeruns and racked up 127 RBI’s. Not too shabby.

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