By: Team Red Zone 4 months ago

Running back Le’Veon Bell is reported to be undergoing contract talks with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and it’s fair to say that things aren’t exactly going well. The 26-year-old is rumoured to be frustrated with the way he has been portrayed by the people of Pittsburgh, and his emotions spilled over yesterday when he posted this cryptic message to Twitter:

Bell’s statement could be referencing one of several topics, but reading between the lines, it seems the overall message is that the Steelers are finding it difficult to agree a long-term contract with the 26-year-old.

Last week at the NFL owner’s meetings in Orlando, Steelers GM Kevin Colbert announced that the franchise were planning to put contract discussions with Bell on ice, while they continued to focus on free agency and the upcoming NFL draft. As it stands, Bell is currently interested in bagging a huge $17 million per-year deal with the Steelers on a long-term contract. The running back suggested that he may even consider sitting out of the franchise’s upcoming training camp for a second successive season if his demands are not met.

Kevin Colbert seemed unwilling to make any guarantees regarding Bell’s future, stating:  “Hopefully Le’Veon comes to training camp. Hopefully he’s a part of a winning team in 2018,” he said. “We’ll react to every situation as it presents itself. But we’ll never sit around and talk about what-ifs.”

So why does Le’Veon Bell feel like a ‘villain’?

While it could come across as a little greedy, Bell directly calling out the Steelers would almost make sense, but his decision to target the city of Pittsburgh as a whole is pretty bizarre. Bell has declared his love for the city via social media on multiple occasions, once claiming that he would like to remain in Pittsburgh for the rest of his career. Has the 26-year-old been vilified by fans or is this just another case of an NFL star posting song lyrics? Perhaps we’ll have to wait for training to camp to find out.

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