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By: Team Red Zone 6 months ago

It’s always hard to walk away from the sport that you love. The routine, the adoration, the money, and more importantly, your love of the game. Landon Donovan is no different and has an announced his boots are going back on.

In US soccer Landon Donovan is a legend and he’s dusting off kit bag and coming out of retirement. Donovan is now the ripe old age of 35 and will be back on the pitch playing again for Mexican team: Club Leon FC of Liga MX.

Donavan sent a tweet out to his followers saying: “I loved the city, it’s the best fans. Club Leon is a historic & winning team,” adding: “I don’t believe in walls. I want to go to Mexico, wear green & win trophies with Leon. We’ll see each other very soon!”

It’s an interesting twist as Donovan was recently reported to have had a keen interest in running for the position of U.S. Soccer president. After being left out of the U.S. men’s national team’s world cup squad Donavan retired in 2014 but came out of retirement in 2016 and joined a weakened LA Galaxy side for a total of 9 appearances.

During his career, he is best known in the UK for joining Everton in 2010. The club took him on loan from LA Galaxy. His return to competitive soccer will be a tough one having played 455 professional minutes during the last three years, and he has spent more time behind a mic than behind a ball working for FOX Sports.

As we said, Donavan is a superstar when it comes to American soccer. He’s the all-time leading goal scorer in both the MLS and for his country but having not played professionally since 2016 he’ll have his hands full with regards to match fitness.

No matter what happens with his latest comeback, the stats don’t lie. He appeared in three world cups and six gold cups for the United States, as well as winning four MLS titles. Add to that his record of 57 goals for the US national team and 145 scored in the MLS, you’ve got a bona-fide US soccer superstar.

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