By: Team Red Zone 8 months ago

The Knicks are different. They are no longer slaves to Carmelo Anthony or Phil Jackson and while New York will be basing the team around Kristaps Porzingis we ask, what are the plans?

New Knicks GM Scott Perry wants the team to play hard and defend, and told reporters the following.

“Fans in general respect teams who compete and fight hard every night,’’ Perry said: “I think fans will respect that. We’ll see where that takes us. Nobody has a crystal ball, what that’s going to mean for results this year. Let that play out.”

“The big thing is this team competing, playing hard, playing together, trying to defend every night. If we can do that, they can live with the results. The fans will at least see the proper direction we’re headed. That’s going to be key — establishing direction where we’re headed as an organization.”

He added: “We want to build the right way,” Perry said. “It’s like building a home. You want to build a solid foundation. It takes time to establish that foundation. We’ll be opportunistic as we move along the way but keep focusing on development.”

Perry is right about the team’s work ethic. The Knicks need to install that foundation going forward. This is Porzingis’ year and he has to prove himself this year. Perry will be more hands on than Jackson was. He’ll personally be scouting players in college, and has good relationships around the league. With that alone it gives the Knicks a foundation that they can build on.

Here’s hoping he gets the chance to build a powerhouse in New York and that ownership doesn’t get in the way.

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