By: Team Red Zone 8 months ago

History was made in Texas this week and K-Lani Nava was the person behind the story. A new chapter in football, and in particular high school football, was made in a state championship game.

Strawn School senior Nava made the history books when she became the very first female in history to score points, nine to be exact, in a University Interscholastic League (UIL) state title game, and to make the occasion even more special, the event happened at the home of the Dallas Cowboys, AT&T Stadium.

With the help of Nava’s kicking prowess, Strawn, who have a 16-0 record, beat rivals Balmorhea 78-42 during their title game

There was a ton of pressure on Nava, if she’d have missed her first kick she would have been yanked from the game. Her head coach Dewaine Lee said prior to kickoff: “One chance, miss it, and you’re finished.”

The type of football game they were playing was a six-man game. They are usually much higher scoring games than traditional 11 a side NFL type games. A field goal is worth 4 points and extra points are worth 2. Nava excelled in the game and scored 18 points, her only missed kick in the game was a block from the other team and her coach was at pains to point out that was not Nava’s fault.

Nava talked after the game and by the looks of things her pre-match talk from the coach didn’t shake her confidence at all: “I had zero pressure,” adding: “I did think about it [the first kick] this morning, but when I got on the field and ready to kick, it didn’t cross my mind. All I worried about was the ball getting on the tee and me making the right contact with it. I do my job. I know the snapper and my holder do their jobs. They do those jobs very well, and I trust them.”

The former soccer player will now go down in high school football history and her team-mates said that the success of Nava comes as no surprise: “Strawn is a really close community,” said Strawn junior Ivan Ruiz: “Lani has been a part of it forever. We rooted her on in basketball forever when she played, and she’s been a part of Strawn forever. She did good and worked hard like everyone else. She’s just another football player to us.”

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