By: Team Red Zone 11 months ago

Small forward Jayson Tatum has been quick to sing the praises of his new Boston Celtics teammate Kyrie Irving this week. Irving joining the Celtics has been the NBA story of the summer, and basketball experts are still trying to figure out just how it will impact the Cavs this season.

Jayson Tatum must have experienced some mixed emotions upon finding out that Kyrie Irving would be joining the Celtics. Initially the 19-year-old thought that he may be part of the trade package, before Celtics GM Danny Ainge assured Tatum that he would be staying in Boston.

Tatum explained: “I was just as surprised as everyone else [about the deal]. I saw my name come up, and I didn’t know if I was going to get traded. … It’s all new to me. I haven’t played an NBA game yet; I just came from college. I don’t know how to handle all the trade talks. I was just like, ‘Wow,’ [when I] saw my name come up.”

He said of his new teammate: “I’m pretty sure it will be a lot of fun,” “[Irving is] a tremendous player. A superstar in this league.”

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