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By: Team Red Zone 7 months ago

He hasn’t been happy for a while now, so on Thursday, Jahlil Okafor got what he wanted, he was traded by the Philadelphia 76ers to the Brooklyn Nets. Along with Okafor went forward Nik Stauskas along with a second-round pick. The Nets sent Trevor Booker the other way.

Okafor was a No. 3 overall pick in the 2015 draft and there were high hopes when he first got to the organization, but the player has been sat on the bench this season for and only featured in two games. All in all it’s a deal that suits both parties involved.

It was only a few weeks ago that Okafor spoke about his not so perfect situation at the team:  “This is my third year in the NBA, and I know it’s a business. I don’t know if it’s fair or not, but in talking to other people in the NBA, talking to retired players, one thing I’ve heard them say is that what’s going on with me isn’t right and they’ve never seen anything like this before.

It was all looking so good for the player, that was until center Joel Embiid started to shine and became the go too player. Okafor very became surplus to requirements and so set in the rot.

In a statement that seems to sum up the situation perfectly, 76ers coach Brett Brown said “He can go play basketball again.”

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