By: Team Red Zone 7 months ago

Well it’s over. The Cleveland Browns have ended the season 0-16 and conclude the worst two-year stretch in NFL history with a combined seasons total of 1-31.

The Browns’ coach Hue Jackson said of his last two seasons: “I don’t think anyone else could’ve done this job for the past two years.”

On Monday Jackson added to the remark which most viewed as slightly delusional.

He said: “When I said, ‘I don’t think any other coach would do that job,’ I am not trying to sound arrogant, flippant or anything like that,” adding: “I just think these situations are hard when you don’t win. When you are doing everything you can to win and it does not happen that way, I think those situations are hard. I don’t think the average person could go through that. That is what I meant by that. I think that is a tough situation to be in.”

Here’s where he’s a little off, even the most average of coaches could have done what Jackson has done, and for him to say he’s ‘not trying to sound arrogant,’ is plain madness.

At the Browns he had weak front office that should have sent him packing last season, and his network within the media defended him constantly. Add the fact that the the Browns owners were accused of being trigger happy when firing people created the perfect storm for Jackson to do a half assed job and still keep his job as head coach.

So Jackson stays, but why? The team’s ownership doesn’t put all the blame on Jackson, and agree that the team just doesn’t have the talent on it’s roster. This goes against the beliefs of Browns’ defensive back  Jason McCourty, who says that the roster has a much better team than their 0-16 finish to the season would suggest.

Jackson said of McCourty’s remarks:  “I respect what Jason says,” adding: “He is a player on the team who works extremely hard and has been in the National Football League. That is his opinion. I think you guys asked that right after the game. That is how he feels so I have to respect what he feels.”

When asked about what he felt about the roster Jackson responded: “I do not want to get into the roster and if we are talented enough,” adding: “We are 0-16 so I think to make it more than that and say the roster is or is not doesn’t do anything.”

Let’s face it, you can’t put the blame on just the team, Jackson has led this bunch to a record that would be an embarrassment to any professional or would be coach. So, for every-one’s sake, man up Hue, and take some of the flack.

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