By: Team Red Zone 7 months ago

When It come to the New England Patriots there is one name you can count on to be in the press, good or bad, and the name is Rob Gronkowski.

On Thursday, Rob Gronkowski took over the Patriots’ press conference. His riser at the New England pre Super Bowl press conference was literally mobbed, even more so than the Patriots’ star quarterback Tom Brady. And guess what? Brady couldn’t have been happier.

Brady said: “Have you talked to him yet? Is he around here today? He is? Well, good,” and added: laughing. “That makes me happy then. He’s a big weapon for us. He’s a guy that always shows up with a great attitude. He’s just an incredible player. Hopefully he can go out there and play his best game of the year.”

Last year, the Patriots won the Super Bowl with one of the greatest comebacks of all time, and they did that without the big man Gronkowski. He was out for that game on injured reserve after he had injured his back, that injury required him to have back surgery and had him sidelined only eight games into the season.

The Patriots had to do the same during this seasons AFC game and once again Gronkowski was missing after halftime due to being knocked out during the game and suffering with concussion.

This Sunday though, he’s back, and let’s face it, it makes Brady’s job a hell of a lot easier when Gronk is on the field.

Gronkowski has been given a clean bill of health as of Thursday and has stated that he’s ready to go against the Eagles on Sunday.

Brady said:  “Gronk is just a dominant player,” adding: “He always finds a way to have space. He’s tall. He’s fast. He’s quick. He’s got incredible hands. I mean, look at the guy. It’s pretty nice to throw to guys like that. I’ve been lucky to be his teammate for a long time. He’s a great friend. He’ll be a friend for life. I’m proud of him and everything that he’s accomplished and what he’s overcome. His mental and physical toughness has been a great attribute, and I’m hoping he goes out and plays a great game.”

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