By: Team Red Zone 8 months ago

It just keeps getting worse for the New York Giants. It’s the team’s fifth straight loss and to add insult to injury this looks like it will be a truly painful one.

Arguably the team’s biggest star, wide receiver Odell Beckham was taken by stretcher off the field after falling hard on his left leg in the fourth quarter of their 27-22 loss to the Chargers. As if 0-5 isn’t bad enough, he appeared to be grabbing for his ankle or lower leg and will now miss the season with a broken ankle.

Beckham will almost certainly require surgery, but as to what the exact nature of the injury is isn’t known, but his reaction on the field and how fast the report of surgery has come out of the locker room, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Beckham has played his final game of the season.

Add the fact the Giants also lost Sterling Shepard, Brandon Marshall and Dwayne Harris to injuries on Sunday. Lets face it, things look bad for the underachieving New Yorkers. Harris fractured his foot, so he’ll be out for a good while as well. As far as Shepard and Marshall, they both suffered left ankle injuries and the Giants, being lite in that area of the team could be scouring the league for wide-outs sooner rather than later.

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