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By: Team Red Zone 12 months ago

It’s the time in a baseball player’s career, that, for the very first time in their lives, they have complete control.

Where to live and work, and most importantly, sign a contract with a team that will guarantee financial security for generations to come.

Yes, it is free agency time my friends. As the regular-season’s clock ticks away, more than 100 of the league’s players are right now showcasing their wares, trying to bolster their numbers, and letting teams with a checkbook know they could be coming their way.

It’s a tale of two types of player. Some, this season have just validated their attractiveness. And for others, it’s been a mediocre year that will end up costing them millions.

You only have to look at the deal that Max Scherzer negotiated. The played secured a $210 million from the Washington Nationals in 2015 after holding out on signing a $144 million from the Detroit Tigers. On the other side of the scale is Carlos Gonzalez, he was offered a lucrative four-year deal from the Colorado Rockies this spring, didn’t take it, and now wonders if he’ll ever see a deal like that again, after batting just .228 with a .643 OPS – this is his worst season since his 2008 rookie year.

We’ll keep an eye on all the free agency agreement and keep you informed as they come in.

Photo: Getty