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By: Team Red Zone 12 months ago

Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott is set to face a six-game ban in accordance with the NFL’s domestic violence policy. The announcement was made by league arbitrator Harold Henderson on Tuesday, with the ban coming into effect during Week 2 of the upcoming NFL season.

The NFL Player’s Association had hoped to block Elliott’s suspension, arguing that the league had violated its disciplinary process under the collective bargaining agreement. Elliott (who is accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson) has maintained his innocence throughout the entire process, and has was neither arrested nor charged at any point in the case.

Elliott’s legal team said: “We are extremely disappointed with Mr Henderson’s inability to navigate through league politics, and follow the evidence and, most importantly, his conscience.”

The NFL said: “The NFLPA claims that it is likely to succeed in its claim that the underlying proceeding was ‘fundamentally unfair’ in light of certain procedural and evidentiary rulings by the Arbitrator,”

“But this is hardly the first time the NFLPA has made this argument. Courts around the country have consistently and squarely rejected it, along with every other attempt by petitioners to second-guess arbitration decisions upholding NFL player discipline.”

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