By: Team Red Zone 10 months ago

In all honesty it was probably Ezekiel Elliott’s best game of the year on Sunday. He rushed for 116 yards on 29 carries and caught one pass for 16 yards. So it’s bittersweet for fans and the team that this could also be his last game for a while.

Why? The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments last Monday as part of the NFL’s latest attempt to lift a temporary injunction issued by a U.S. District Court judge Sept. 8th.  It is expected that a decision will be made this week.

The NFL suspended Elliott in August for six games for pending domestic violence allegations against the player.

Elliott has chosen not to comment about anything off the field.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reportedly said that he didn’t know whether Elliott would remain eligible to play after the Cowboys’ bye next week, and declined to speculate on when or how the court might rule.

Jones said: “I don’t have any idea if it will be this week.” Adding: “I’ve had no indication, and I certainly don’t have any idea what the decision will be.”

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