By: Team Red Zone 10 months ago

You can’t make this stuff up folks.

What do you do when you retire as one of the greatest American football player’s to ever grace a football field? Become one of the games greatest Statisticians? Maybe a top flight broadcaster, a coach, or even perhaps, buy your own team. Well, none of the above work for first-ballot Hall of Famer, Jerry Rice.

The ex San Francisco 49ers wide receiver has decided on a slightly different path following his retirement from the NFL, he’s now a part time wedding crasher. As we say, ‘you can’t make this up’ folks.

Rice told “I just want to go up to the bride and the groom and congratulate them,” and “Tell them, ‘Today is your day.’

“For some reason, it always turns out that they are so excited,” Rice continues: “They want to take pictures, and I’m just happy to take pictures with them. It always turns out to be bigger than that.”

Rice who was the Super Bowl XXIII MVP also recalls the story of a reception he stumbled upon of newlyweds Jennifer Restrani and Chris Johnson shortly after finishing a round of golf in San Ramon, California. He walked over to congratulate the pair, and pretty soon after had joined the party, busted out some moves on the dance floor, and ended up being involved in a stack of obligatory selfies.

Rice has admitted he crashes at least one wedding every weekend, saying:  “It’s so exciting to see their reaction. It’s usually, ‘Oh my god, I never thought I’d run into Jerry Rice on my wedding day.”

Perhaps we’ll see Wedding Crashers 2 starring Jerry Rice, who knows. But if your in California and happen to be at a wedding, you never know, you might just be able to nab a pic with one of greatest wide receiver’s to play in the NFL.

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