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By: Team Red Zone 2 weeks ago

Free safety Earl Thomas has issued a firm message to the Seattle Seahawks this week: Commit to a long-term contract or trade me!

The 29-year-old, who was drafted by the Seahawks in 2010, has spoken out about the demands he made in a recent instagram post, requesting that the franchise offer him a contract extension or trade him to a team that would be willing to commit to a long-term contract.

“I’m asking the Seahawks to do one of two things: Offer me an extension. Or trade me to a team that wants me to be part of their future,” said Thomas. “In the end, it’s like I said: If the Seahawks don’t intend on having me around for the long-term, then I understand,” Thomas wrote. “And if they want to start over and rebuild, then that’s their right — it’s part of the business. It’s not what I want … but I get it. All I ask, though, is that if that’s the case, and they don’t want me anymore — just please trade me to an organization that does.

“Please trade me to a team that wants me, so I can give my all to them for the rest of my career.”

Thomas has been at the centre of a number of trade rumours this summer, and has opted out of participating in the Seahawks’ pre-season training camp, much to the chagrin of coach Pete Carroll. Thomas’ argument is simple: ‘why should players respect contracts, when teams can rip them up at will?’

“I’m standing strong on this — because I’ve got to,” wrote Thomas. “I’m standing strong when it comes to getting what I deserve. I’ve been one of the best defensive players in this league for the better part of a decade, and the numbers show that this team plays much better with me than without me. Beyond that, I still have some great years of football left in my tank. I’m not even close to slowing down. I’m still working to get better.”

Thomas’ most important point however, was that he has no intention of leaving Seattle. “I love Seattle.” he added. “With that being said … I also have learned why I need to take care of this business side of things. In the NFL, no matter what you’ve done or what you’ve accomplished, teams are constantly reminding you that you don’t matter.”

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