By: Team Red Zone 9 months ago

On Sunday the Patriots did what they do best, win. Slowly but surely they picked apart the Dolphins and walked away with a tidy 35-17 victory.

The loss was bad enough for Miami who are now sitting at 4-7 on the season, and as of now are in the middle of a serious slump in form that has seen them lose four games straight. But what really compounded a bad day at the office was the ejection of their cornerback Bobby McCain.

He was thrown out of the game during the third quarter after he threw a punch at the Pats’ receiver Danny Amendola. Following the whistle and with Amendola on the floor and on his back, McCain lost it and lashed out. He was then thrown out of the game, and as you would expect, was booed and heckled all the way back to the locker room by a packed Gillet Stadium.

Following the game McCain had this to say about the incident:

“At the end of the day I have to defend myself,” adding: “I didn’t want to punch anybody. I didn’t want to hit anybody. But I was trying to get him off me and they called it a punch.”

In more detail McCain continued: “He grabbed me by the neck, he grabbed me by the face mask one time — just a lot of extra stuff. But it was extra by both of us. We were both in the wrong. I’m going to be honest and a man. We were both in the wrong. Unfortunately, I was the one who got ejected.”

To make matters worse, and also in the third quarter, the Dolphins lost Damien Williams to a shoulder injury.

With only a handful of games left till the end of the season it’s hard to see how Miami can get themselves back into the playoff race, and if ever there was a time to show discipline, it would be now.

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