By: Team Red Zone 7 months ago

When your contract is signed, and the ink is dry, let’s face it, it’s much easier for a player to say ‘it’s my fault’ and take the blame right? Oakland Raiders’ quarterback has been doing it off and on all year, and Mondays loss to the Eagles was no different.

Following the loss Derek Carr told the press: “[I]t’s come down to the end and we have not made plays,” adding: “We have not done what we needed to do to win the games. That’s pretty much how our year has been. We haven’t done enough. And it’s all in the little details of everyone’s assignment. Like I said, we win and lose as a team, but you can always put it on me.”

Also, seeming to having a jab at his offensive coordinator Todd Downing, Carr hinted at a lack of attention to detail offensively. He has a point, Monday saw the Raiders run six drives from their own 40-yard line or even further down the field, out of those six, not a single point. Here’s a piece of trivia for you, they are now the first team to accomplish that in the NFL in 16 years.

It was a big deal signing Carr to his $25 million a year contract. It really comes down to the fact the well was dry with regards to available QB’s at the time and the team wasn’t willing to outlay the big bucks for someone like Kirk Cousins. Fast forward to now and who knows what they would have done.

It’s been a year to forget for the Raiders and Carr is obviously looking at next season as a turnaround opportunity:  “You have to work hard when it gets tough,” said Carr: “I can get cliché on you, but I won’t. When things get tough, a lot of people point fingers. I’ve tried my best every single time to stand up here and be a man and just take it. That’s who I am. That’s how I was raised and I’ll always be that way. When it gets hard, I fight. Nothing is going to change. Hopefully the results change, but I’m going to keep fighting. I’ve been 0-10. I’ve been in sucky situations. I’ve been in hard times, more so in life than football, to be honest with you. We’re going to come out of this and people will just look back on it like, ‘Wow what happened?’ kind of a thing. But there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m going to work my tail off like I always do, correct the things that I need to correct and move forward.”

It will be an interesting year next year, we should see Carr certainly hooking up with a new coordinator, and who knows’ maybe even a new head coach.

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