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By: Team Red Zone 7 months ago

The buzz this weekend was that Ben McAdoo could be out as coach of the Giants on Monday if his 1-7 team loses to the 0-9 49ers.

Well, they lost, and now it’s time to keep all eyes and ears open for Ben McAdoo’s exit.

For the Giants, an in-season firing would go against the team’s reputation, but now that the Giants have lost again, and have again shown signs of some of the players not going all out. Monday could be McAdoo’s last time he walks through the doors of the team’s facility.

It isn’t a given that it will happen, but, people in the know are saying that it very well could.

So, we’ll wait to see whether it’s McAdoo or someone else running the show when the Giants face the Chiefs next Sunday’s match-up in New York at MetLife Stadium, where the crowd will be watching and waiting for answers.

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