By: Team Red Zone 11 months ago

It seems the Cavaliers are re-thinking the potential Kyrie Irving trade. Cleveland has changed their focus from looking for a veteran for the Irving trade, instead, they have shifted their focus to getting back a young superstar in exchange for Irving, this change is partly due to the fact the team are worried that LeBron James will be leaving in free agency next summer.

When you start to weigh up where Irving reportedly wants to be traded and what those teams have in the way of assets, you start to make the argument that the Cavaliers would love a trade deal with the Knicks, why? Kristaps Porzingis, that’s why. And from what we are hearing, that could happen if Cleveland would be willing to take on the contract of Joakim Noah.

The Irving trade has been slow and deliberate, but you would expect the Cavaliers to be more aggressive in September when we get closer to the start of training camps.

The Knicks’ prime asset Porzingis has emerged as a major Cleveland target, but for any trade to occur Cleveland would have to first unburden the Knicks of the three years and $55 million left on Joakim Noah’s contract. League sources have said, that at the moment that conversation is a nonstarter for the Knicks.

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